2019 One Act Play

Alice - Sydney Turnier

Cheshire Cat - Scotty Hindy

Caterpillar - Anna Samson

White Rabbit- Seth Moan

Duchess -  Shelby Witt

Queen of Hearts - Olivia Wernecke

King - Emma Vines

Knave-  Nate King

Courtier - Erin Rogers

Mad Hatter - Celeste Boullion

March Hare -  Erin Chasey

Tweedledum - Addie Ellison

Tweedledee - Kendall Via

Executioner -  Ryan Baker

Soldiers -

William Anong

Kaliyah Hardy

Morgan Burgess

Mario Garcia

Mary Davis (Flower, Child)

Pace Robbins  (Flower, Lady)

Regan Gainey (Flower, Card)

MaKenzie DeBoer (Flower, Lady)

Alexis Wiest  (Flower, Child)

Meg Weaver (Flower, Lady)

Haley Williams (Flower, Card)

Chloe Millsapps  (Flower, Child)

Allie Norckauer (Flower, Card)


Savahna Silvas

Stage Manager: Kaylie Gomez

Makeup: Kags Nicholson

Lightning: Dalton Walraven

Sound: Abigael David

Set Design: Savahna Silvas

Special Recognition:  Starr's Mill High School Tech Class

Set Construction: Rusty Via, SMHS Tech Class

Crew: Sofia Gonzalez, Kaitlyn Minter, Maggie Philips

Costumes: Tracy Rowell

Special Recognition: Mary Werneke, Leslie Sewell

Videographer: Michael Houghtaling



     Show Synopsis 

Set on a typical playground, Alice slides into a magical land at the end of her long fall down the “rabbit-hole”. As delightful as this new place seems for Alice, she is desperately trying to get back home. Her quest leads her through a maze of incredible and suspenseful adventures, meeting some very interesting characters, climaxed by a trial scene in which the truth is discovered.


Best Set

Best Costumes

All Star Cast- Scotty Hindy &   Olivia Wernecke

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