Alice in Wonderland Cast & Crew

Alice - Sydney Turnier

Cheshire Cat - Scotty Hindy

Caterpillar - Anna Samson

White Rabbit- Seth Moan

Duchess - Shelby Witt

Queen of Hearts - Olivia Wernecke

King - Emma Vines

Knave- Nate King

Courtier - Erin Rogers

Mad Hatter - Celeste Bouillon

March Hare - Erin Chasey

Tweedledum - Addie Ellison

Tweedledee - Kendall Via

Executioner - Ryan Baker

Soldiers -

William Anong

Kaliyah Hardy

Morgan Burgess

Mario Garcia

Ladies/ Heart Children/ Flowers/ Cards

(roles tba)

Mary Davis

Pace Robbins

Regan Gainey

MaKenzie DeBoer

Alexis Wiest

Meg Weaver

Hailey Williams

Chloe Millsapps

Allie Norckauer

Stage Manager- Kathleen Ryan

Lights- Dalton Walraven

Sound- Kaylie Gomez ,Abigael David

Make up- Shelby Gray, Kags Nicholson


Sofia Gonzalez

Kaitlyn Minter

Maggie Phillips

Google code- grdod4

Please be sure you come by to accept your role in the drama room Wednesday 9/4.

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