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Starr's Mill Spectacular

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The Starr's Mill Spectacular is an opportunity for students to showcase an array of talents. This year's theme is "Clichés"! Our lineup will feature songs, musicals, and acts that are "overdone" or a cliché. For the audition, please select one of the following musicals and present an act that comes from your chosen musical. For example:

You can choose to do a duet with a friend, or choreograph a dance from one of the songs, create an ensemble piece with a few friends, perform a solo juggling act to one of the songs, present a scene from your chosen musical, etc! However! It must be from the approved shows.

The act you present may be used in the final performance, or you may be asked to perform a different piece somewhere else in the show. So, just because you audition as a singer, you may also be selected to dance, or act, etc.


(Pick One)
Dear Evan Hansen
Phantom of the Opera
The Little Mermaid
Beauty and the Beast

Mean Girls

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