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Auditions and Callbacks will be 11/6 from 9 AM-8 PM
Please plan to attend the mandatory meeting on 11/4 at 5:30 PM with a parent if you want to audition. 


1. You will select and memorize a 16-32 bar cut (about 30-60 seconds of music) from a musical to sing at auditions.  Please bring a karaoke track on a phone or iPad. Make sure that we do not have to sit through any ads. No CD's please.

2. Please wear clothes you can move in, as there will be a dance audition and a dance callback. Please bring dance shoes if you have them. 

3. Bring a water bottle and snacks. It will be a long day! 


4. If you would like to audition to be an aerialist/cirque performer, sign up for your initial audition AND a cirque audition. You do not have to audition for both. If you are ONLY interested in cirque, that is fine too. This is also the time in which you can display any tricks or tumbling skills that you have!

5. TECHNICIANS, or anyone interested in doing tech, fill out all tech paperwork below.


Click here to reserve your audition slot and/or your cirque audition slot.